2021 Reddit Recap

Reddit has become one of my top social media platforms over the last couple of years. It almost always shows me content that is relevant to my interests, it’s civil, the discussions are enlightening, it’s fun, etc. I have found myself spending more time on Reddit than Twitter, Instagram, and others. In the last couple of years, it’s also become a search engine for me. Example: the other night my wife and I watched “Interstellar” and we both had the same question about how the wormhole was placed next to Saturn. She performed a Google search and I went straight to Reddit to search. The discussion in the Reddit thread we found was more helpful than the Quora thread she found. Anyhow, I spend way too much time on Reddit.

Here are some highlights from my 2021 Reddit Recap:

I’m guessing that 144,120 bananas is a large amount of time. Thank God they didn’t tell me how many days, hours, and minutes I lost to this site.

I enjoy this sub.

And these subs.