COVID-19 had a big impact on my Spotify listening in 2020. During pre-COVID times, I’d listen to Spotify, or music on my phone, while working out at the gym, commuting, completing menial work tasks, working around the house, etc. But when gyms closed in early March and when we were ordered to work from home, my Spotify and music intake nearly stopped. At the same time, my podcast queue was beginning to backup since I wasn’t commuting or leaving the house, so I started listening to podcasts during my home workouts, on my walks and bike rides, while completing chores around the house, etc. If there was a year to pause my Spotify subscription, this would have been it.

Compared to 2019, I listened to half the music (7,354 vs. 14,422 minutes).

No surprises with the genres I listened to. The “show tunes” was the Hamilton soundtrack–probably listened to after July 3 when “Hamilton” was released on Disney+.

In January and February, I was really hot on Ben Kenney’s new album, “Must Be Nice,” released on Christmas Day 2019.

I did manage to listen to 478 different artists this year?!?

But here are my top artists:

If I didn’t listen to “Stamped From the Beginning,” I’d guess that Run the Jewels or Night Flight were in my top five artists.

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