As a Seahawk’s fan, this season has been a wild ride, as wild a ride as any of the last 11 seasons with Coach Pete Carroll at the helm. This season we’ve had only a few decisive victories, baffling losses, and most games were nail-biters, determined in the final minutes of the game. That’s Pete Carroll-Seahawks football.

Based on the roster alone, this year’s Seahawks team is the best starting line-up since the 2013-14 teams that went to the Super Bowl(s). I would argue that this year’s offensive unit is better than those 2013-14 teams–better WR’s in Metcalf, Lockett, Moore; better RB’s in Carson, Hyde, and Penny (he just returned from injury); and a better QB in Wilson with the experience that he’s gained from the last 9 seasons. The defense is mostly solid, but not as good as the 2013-14 teams–the D line is strong; so is the LB unit although there isn’t much depth, Wagner and Wright are getting older and are slower and can’t keep up with younger, faster players; and the secondary is strong with Adams, Diggs, and Griffin.

Based on the roster, our record should reflect better than our current 10-4 record. We should be a 12-13 win team. The losses to the Giants, Rams, and Cardinals were bad, inexcusable losses. Even the loss to the Bills was bad, but the Bills just executed and played better than the Hawks.

The Seahawks are a great football team with no identity. They’re no longer the run-heavy, dominant defense that took them to back-to-back Super Bowls. As much spotlight as Wilson and D.K. Metcalf have received this year (and Wilson-Lockett in previous years), they’re not really a pass-heavy team. And as soft as the defense has been this season, and they’re still improving, even with a healthy roster they were able to let the Giants, with a backup QB, beat them at home and just last week let the Washington Football Team put up 15 points in the second half of last week’s game. It’s anyone’s guess as to which Seahawks team is going to show up next week, let alone in the playoffs.

From the article, Matt Calkins:

The Seahawks have had a fine year, but only a Super Bowl would make it a success.

How far we’ve come as Seahawks fans where a 10+ win season, a trip to the playoffs, and potentially clinching the division is not a success.