How an inmate hacker turned a prison upside down – The Verge →

A story of how some prison inmates re-assembled recycled computer parts, tucked away a computer in a ceiling, and hacked a network to run some illegal activities and how they were caught.

Reminds me of a time about 20 years ago, back in high school, where my best friend and I convinced one of our favorite teachers to allow us to piece together a Linux server using recycled computer parts, tuck the server away in the back corner of the library, give us access to the school’s T1 lines, and run our own file, FTP, HTTP, IRC bot(s), and Quake server.

Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber – The Atlantic →

The real story of Ted Kaczynski is one of the nature of modern evil—evil that results from the corrosive powers of intellect itself, and its arrogant tendency to put ideas above common humanity. It stems from our capacity to conceive theories or philosophies that promote violence or murder in order to avert supposed injustices or catastrophes, to acquiesce in historical necessity, or to find the final solution to the world’s problems—and by this process of abstraction to dehumanize our enemies.

The Observer view on Donald Trump’s unfitness for office | Observer editorial | Opinion | The Guardian →

Donald Trump is unfit to be President. His Presidency is a sham and his election might be the greatest con ever played.

The common factor in all these situations is Trump’s self-induced powerlessness and ignorance, his chronic lack of credibility and presidential authority and consequent perceptions of US and western weakness. And in the case of all three actual or potential adversaries – North Korea, Iran and Russia – these perceptions are highly dangerous. Precisely because US responses, actions and reactions can no longer be relied upon or predicted, by friends and enemies alike, the potential for calamitous miscalculation is growing. This uncertainty, like the chaos in the White House and the extraordinary disarray of the American body politic, stems from Trump’s glaring unfitness for the highest office. As is now becoming ever plainer, this threatens us all.

His incompetence and unpredictability are the traits that keeps me up at night.

Scientists Reverse Brain Damage in Drowned U.S Toddler Eden Carlson →

In what is believed to be a world first, scientists have reversed brain damage in a toddler that drowned in a swimming pool. Using oxygen therapy, scientists were able to restore her ability to walk and talk just months after the accident, in which she spent 15 minutes submerged in a swimming pool and two hours where her heart did not beat on its own.

This is fascinating science. The medicine that we read about today is the science-fiction I grew up with as a kid.

What Bullets Do to Bodies – Highline →

On Sandy Hook:

“The fact that not a single one of those kids was able to be transported to a hospital, tells me that they were not just dead, but really really really really dead. Ten-year-old kids, riddled with bullets, dead as doornails.” Her voice rose. She said people have to confront the physical reality of gun violence without the polite filters. “The country won’t be ready for it, but that’s what needs to happen. That’s the only chance at all for this to ever be reversed.”

She dropped back into a softer register. “Nobody gives two shits about the black people in North Philadelphia if nobody gives two craps about the white kids in Sandy Hook. … I thought white little kids getting shot would make people care. Nope. They didn’t care

The Death Knell for America’s Global Leadership – The Atlantic →

To the point.

Perhaps the most terrifying thing about the Trump presidency is the way even its most worldly figures, in words composed for them by its deepest thinkers, have reimagined the United States in the image of their own chief: selfish, isolated, brutish, domineering, and driven by immediate appetites rather than ideals or even longer-term interests.

Under the slogan of restoring American greatness, they are destroying it. Promising readers that they want to “restore confidence in American leadership,” they instead threaten and bluster in ways that may persuade partners that America has ceased to be the leader they once respected—but an unpredictable and dangerous force in world affairs, itself to be contained and deterred by new coalitions of ex-friends.