Conan Writers Reveal Their Favorite Moments →

Lots of great memories from the creators, writers, and actors of those early Conan years. I clearly remember a lot of the sketches that were mentioned: Satellite TV, Andy’s sister, Desk Driving, etc. Some of my favorite Conan sketches from the early years, not mentioned in the article, include Pimpbot 5000, Staring Contest, and anytime Robert Smigel would provide the lips and voice of President Clinton, Bush, and celebrities. As cheesy as it was, I loved ‘In the Year 2000’ and the Walker Texas Ranger lever.

One of the things I enjoyed most over the years was Conan involving more of the crew in the bits: Max Weinberg and the band, Joel Godard, Pierre Bernard, etc. Today’s bits with Jordan Schlansky are some of my favorites.